Anti-slip solution for sports floors

Sportfloor Grip&Play improves the non-slip properties of the surface. It is indicated for the preparation of the playing field before a game and to improve the grip of the players’ shoes.


As a playing field preparer

  • Wash the surface with Sportfloor Cleaner or, in case of more intense dirt, Sportfloor Cleaner N2
  • Pour two caps of Sportfloor Grip&Play into 5 liters of water
  • Apply over the entire surface using a well-wrung damp cloth
  • It is not necessary to rinse
  • Avoid excess or stagnation of product on the floor which could lead to an increase in slipperiness

As a shoe preparer

  • Pour pure Sportfloor Grip&Play onto a damp towel
  • Rub the soles of players’ shoes periodically during the game


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