Belle Epoque

The easy to use water-based coloring system which gives perfect results.

It is applicable like a lacquer, spreadable like an oil. Belle Epoque uniformly colors surfaces of any dimensions without flaw. An easy to use stain which guarantees a constant and repeatable result. It is also possible to make corrections even once dry. Formulated with dyes able to chemically react with the cellulose of the wood, Belle Epoque enables to get a homogeneous effect on the whole surface, granting an aged aspect to the wood. It does not make a film on the surface as a lacquer nor makes the vein darker like an oil, it enhances the natural wood design and asperities in a perfect integration between color and matter.
Perfectly suitable also for industrial application, Belle Epoque guarantees stable constant oxidized effects and can be overcoated with UV lacquers and oils in a very quick period of time.

The features

Simple coloring process and stable oxidizing effects to easily transform floorings

It creates easy to process and repeat colors

Belle Epoque is available in fifteen miscible colors which can be modulated with B.E. Modulator to get lighter shades. The color is easy to create: instead of accurately measuring percentages of colors difficult to reproduce as for traditional coloring systems, it is possible to make a color only with a simple metering.

It easily transforms floorings

Easy to apply, Belle Epoque colors surfaces of any dimensions without flaw. Spraying the surface with the same product, it is possible to repair the color on site with a buffing machine, even once dry.

It creates stable and constant aged effects

Belle Epoque grants to the floor an aged oxidized effect from brown to gray shades and it guarantees the same result with any species of wood, from any origin and tannin content.

It is scratch-proof

Unlike a traditional coloring system, Belle Epoque binds with the wood cellulose and deeply penetrates into the wood, the stain stays intact even in case of scratches and shocks.

Belle Epoque colours

Fifteen colors to create endless shades

Finishing cycles

It colours surfaces with different effects!

Il sistema colorante Belle Epoque può essere utilizzato in tutti i cicli di finitura che prevedono oli e vernici a base solvente, applicabili direttamente sul prodotto, e vernici all’acqua su un fondo isolante.

Belle Epoque + L’Olio 100%
Once applied and spread Belle Epoque stain and once dry, apply the high solid Hardwax L’Olio 100% in its neutral or colored version with a spatula and spread it with a buffing machine to homogenize the surface and remove oil excess.

Belle Epoque + L’Olio 100% + Oil Linker + Two-component water-based lacquer
To finish the floor with a coat of water-based lacquer is possible, adding to the L’Olio 100% its proper cross-linker Oil-Linker. The lacquer application has to be done after the complete oil curing.

Belle Epoque + Fondo isolante AL + Water-based or solvent-based single or two-component lacquer
The application of Fondo AL over Belle Epoque enables to complete the finishing cycle with two coats of lacquer after one or two hours.

Belle Epoque + Durolak OR Maxi
Applied on Belle Epoque, Durolak OR Maxi hard wax oil permits to achieve an oiled look and at the same time high protection performances.

L’Olio 100%

It enhances Belle Epoque beauty, it protects in only one coat.

L’Olio 100% is a finish based on oils, natural hard Waxes of vegetable origin. Water and solvent free, it is 100% solid and has an extremely high yield; it enables to complete a floor finishing cycle in a sole coat.
Used over Belle Epoque, it enhances the color in its neutral version and creates endless chromatic combinations in its colored version. Its maintenance is easy and does not need any extraordinary interventions, it is enough to wash the floor with Deteroil and periodically revive it with Lux Matt. Additivated with Oil-Linker, L’Olio 100% is overcoatable, combining the chromatic soft effect of an oiled floor to the high strength of a lacquered one.

L’Olio 100% colours

Durolak OR Maxi

High strength hard wax oil for wooden floors

Oil and hard waxes based finish with high water-proof properties, Durolak OR Maxi grants the floor the typical soft look of an oil and in the same time high protection performances. Conform for sportive use, it has a very good resistance to abrasion and households chemicals. Available in thirteen colors and in neutral extra matt, matt, semi-glossy and glossy version, Durolak OR Maxi is easy to use, applicable with a roller or a brush. It does need not any specific maintenance.



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