Adhesion promoter for two-part water-based lacquers

Adhesion promoter for two-part water-based Adhesion promoter for two-part water-based lacquers. Easy to use, it can be applied directly to surfaces already lacquered with water- or solvent-based finishes.


Wet the surface with the Clean&Go detergent, let it act for 10 minutes then rinse with clean water. Wash again with Myfloor Cleaner. Mix the two components in the exact ratio (4:1) and apply Grip&Go with a roller or brush. After 4 hours, it is possible to finish with a Tover two-part water-based lacquer. 16 hours after the application of Grip&Go is not possible to overcoat any more. Do not sand on Grip&Go. In the case of floors treated with oil/wax-based finishes, it is necessary to sand with Pad VF or 220/320 mesh before washing with Clean&Go.

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