Tover sport floor finishes at  Mandela Forum – Florence

Project details

Mandela Forum 

Florence – Italy

Products used

Final Eight 2018. Great champions of Italian basket performed on a court finished with SportfloorColor and Sportfloor Finish

Final Eight 2018: Tover and Dalla Riva Sportfloors created a court rich in opportunities at Mandela Forum in Florence. Our finishes for sport flooring aim to high-quality results: our products get the best technical and quality performance of the court, meeting all FIBA – International Basket Federation –  standards.

Sportfloor Color, our water-based two-component paint made by innovative resins and finely dispersed colours, provides high adhesion and an intense and uniform colouring since the first coating. This product is particularly elastic and resists to continuous stress ensuring a perfect and long-lasting result.

Sportfloor Finish is a water-based two-component lacquer made by Tover to protect the surface of sport flooring. Its main features are a full covering and a rich and uniform colour thus maintaining the original wood colour; besides this product offers the best grip and resistance according to the standards required by the EN 14904 certification for sport floors.

Some pics
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