We carefully listen to your needs to find out the most suitable formula and offer you the most effective solutions.

Your formula

Our Competitors often “talk the talk” on green but at Tover we have been proudly walking the walk by powering our manufacturing machines with renewable energy sources since 2010. All of this is important yes, but it is not as important as the most important person in our business. You. We listen to you, take on board your suggestions and only then do we formulate products in our labs that help you to work better, stronger and faster, making your working day just that little bit less stressful. All of this to ultimately improve your bottom line and getting you smiling come your financial year end. We do this by giving you unrivalled performance MS Polymers, zero solvent-based systems of adhesives and oils, and truly ground breaking self linking lacquers that are free from Isocyanates, and out perform any other product that it is possible to buy today. Tover. We’ve got your back.

Wooden Flooring

Starting from primers, underfloors and adhesives, we come to lacquers, oils, coloured finishing and products for cleaning and maintenance of your wooden floor. Tover’s solutions for your wooden floor are intended to better meet your needs.

Decking and WPC

Tover’s decking and WPC solutions have been studied to grant a long-lasting protection and they are extremely resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. Discover our protective products and our oils for outdoor applications, our products for restoring, cleaning and maintenance.

Sportive Flooring

Sport is a question of best performance. Our sealers and our lacquers for sportive wooden floors aim to the best resistance in the field; a complete line of products for cleaning and maintenance helps an easy and effective treatment of the floor. To be sure to score the final goal in each match, Tover’s solutions are also certified according to the European standard EN 14904.

Resilient Flooring

High performance, the best peeling strength, easy-to-use.  Discover all Tover’s solutions for resilient floors: from the treating of subfloors, to the adhesives for carpet, linoleum, PVC, rubber, LVT and synthetic turf: The best solution to meet any all your needs.

Machines and Accessories

You can get the best performance also during preparation of wooden floors. Discover our grinding, sanding, and polishing machines for wooden floors and our full range of Karbosan abrasives.


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