Sanding machine for wooden floors

Extreme is the powerful, versatile and fast sanding machine that will shake up the way you work. Equipped with a planetary disc and four counter-rotating sanding pads, it is extremely balanced and, also thanks to its adjustable handle, it is easy to use in all directions. In addition, the possibility to set the pad speed of rotation allows you to fix the right speed in every processing stage. Extreme, thanks to the Block System function, can work with wheels up as a buffing machine, or with wheels on the surface in particularly hard sanding conditions. Its effective suction system minimizes the presence of residues; the inverter allows a gradual energy absorption. Easily decomposable, it can be transported easily and quickly.

  • Possibilità di utilizzo come monospazzola e come sistema levigante planetario
  • Elevata stabilità per una perfetta fluidità di lavorazione
  • Manico regolabile
  • Ruote sollevabili
  • Dotata di inverter e di sistema di aspirazione
  • Scomponibile

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