Tover’s finishes for sport floors in Russia

Project details


Tchaikovski – Russia

Products used

Sportfloor Base 1K, Sportfloor Color and Sportfloor Finish on the Sport Complex Olimp field in Tchaikovski

Finishes for sport flooring: Tover has signed another successful creation in Russia, at the Sport Complex Olimp in Tchaikovski.

Protagonists of this work have been Sportfloor Base 1K, a monocomponent isolating sealer for excellent covering and levelling allowing to maintain the original chromatic aspect of the floor, Sportfloor Color, a two-component water-based paint with high adhesion and covering in order to track lines and coloured areas, and Sportfloor Finish, high performance two-component water-based lacquer for sport floors by Tover.

Tover has manufactured Sportfloor Color with innovative resins and finely dispersed colours to get a perfectly uniform colouration in one coat. In the meantime Sportfloor Finish has protected the surface finish giving it a homogeneous aspect and providing it with resistance and grip according to the EN 14904 standards for sport floor finishes.

Some pics
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