The professional floorwasher

WashPro 35 is a professional floorwasher for indoor and outdoor, provided with two high-speed counter-rotating brushes, which washes the floor deeply all at once, leaving it dry.

Light, super compact and easy to carry, equipped with a tilting till 90° tank, it reaches the most difficult spaces. Besides, the particular position of the front brush helps to clean efficiently also flush with the wall.

WashPro 35 can collect dirty water without suction system, thus getting better results if compared to bigger machines.

WashPro 35 is equipped with a medium brush to wash wood floors and a hard brush for decking and intensive cleaning. By a quick and easy system, you can change the brush in a few minutes, so that to modify its position on the floor without increasing the pressure and loosing effectiveness.

It is perfect to wash the floor before restoring any oil finish; if compared to a buffing machine, it penetrates into the pores of the wood and prepares the surface to absorb the new finish at best.

  • Body height: 140 mm
  • Body width: 285 mm
  • Body length: 330 mm
  • Front brush: Ø 86 700 rpm
  • Rear brush: Ø 54 1145 rpm
  • Working width: 385 mm
  • Working capability: 500 sqm/h
  • Induction motor power: 400W 2800 rpm
  • Total tank capacity: 4 L
  • Waste tank capacity: 1,8 L
  • Total weight (empty): 11 kg

Cleaning of wood floors with WashPro 35


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