Water-based stain for wood

Belle Epoque colours surfaces of any dimension uniformly and flawless.
An easy-to-use stain ensuring a constant and reproducible results. You can also make correction even once dry.
Formulated with dyes able to chemically react with the cellulose of the wood, Belle Epoque reaches a homogeneous effect on the whole surface, granting an aged look to the wood.
It does not create a film on the surface as a lacquer nor makes the vein darker like an oil: on the contrary it enhances the natural wood design and asperities in a perfect integration between colours and matters.

Perfect suitable also for industrial applications, Belle Epoque guarantees stable constant and oxidized effects and can be quickly overcoated with UV lacquers and oils.

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying time
  • Homogeneous color
  • Overcoatable with oils and lacquers
  • Using B.E. Modulator, it is possible to get lighter effects
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